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Valuing your property

The SOGIP Real Estate Agency will promote your property on various advertising platforms based on the type of mandate. Thanks to our numerous prospective buyers, we will introduce you to targeted and financially qualified buyers.

We will make every effort for the sale of your house or villa.
Determining the market price for a property in Flayosc and its surroundings requires several elements:
- Interpreting the specific characteristics of the property (area, number of rooms, floor, etc.)
- Taking into account the property's environment
- Many years of commercial experience in the area
- Knowledge of current demands and searches by buyers for this type of property
- A comparison with other nearby properties

Conducting a remote evaluation or directly through an online form can lead to an incorrect price. An overvalued property estimate typically results in many months without any purchase offers. An undervalued property estimate may speed up the sale but to your detriment.

Only an on-site study can provide an objective understanding of your property's price. Indeed, numerous parameters come into play in addition to the "technical" characteristics, such as precise positioning and orientation, necessary renovations, room distribution, the negotiator's on-site perception, the condition of common areas, etc. The market is heterogeneous, and there are no two identical properties. To ensure the best expertise, we take the time to visit your home.

Accurately valuing your property is fundamental because it is part of an overall strategy in conjunction with our sales force, our promotional and advertising tools, and the experience we have gained in your area.

To estimate the value of your real estate property in Flayosc and its surroundings, please contact us!


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